What is the process for renting your RV

The process is pretty simple. Typically starts with some Q&A, sometimes folks like to see the RV which we can do too, after I have answered all your questions you would make the reservation, then I would share a few things to get done between the then and the picking up the RV, then on the day of pickup we would walk you through how to operate everything, usually about 2 hours and then you all have a great vacation.

What about insurance

Insurance is important in renting an RV.  The first thing to check is your current auto insurance will provide a rider to cover the RV rental, some do but most do not.  If that isn’t an option then you may select one of the peer to peer RV rental sites that provide insurance Outdoorsy (price of insurance is included in a service charge they add to our rental price), RVShare (cost of insurance is an additional charge of about $21 per day and done outside of RVShare).  If you rent direct from us, insurance can be purchased through MBA for $21 per day.  The coverage for the options mentioned is on the Rental Options page of our website.

Does the RV have Mapping Hardware (GPS)

Sorry it does not but there are many free or for purchase map Apps for both iPhone and Android.

  • Google Maps
  • Camp & RV – Tents to RV Parks
  • Good Sam Club Trip Planner
  • CoPilot RV USA- GPS Navigation